About Kissan

Established in the mid 1970’s, Kissan International (Canada) Inc. remains as one of the leading wholesalers of authentic Indian products. Made in Canada, Kissan spice blends uses the finest fresh ingredients available. Created over 30 years ago, our famous Kissan Tandoori Masala still remains the top selling Tandoori Masala in all of Canada, and is sought after by Indian food lovers all around the world. The entire line of Kissan spices, pastes and sauces makes cooking authentic Indian food quick and easy for everyone.

Kissan was one of the very first companies to bring pure Desi ghee into the Indian market over 25 years ago. The technology and meticulous process used to make each bottle of Kissan Desi Ghee is a very unique one, which keeps Kissan Desi Ghee as one of the best-selling brands in the market.

Our line of Kissan oils are 100% pure and can be used for various means. Our popular Kissan Almond Oil is a 100% pure, rich and sweet oil that is excellent for moisturizing the skin and hair. It can also be used for cooking gourmet meals. Kissan pure oils are also used as key ingredients in numerous beauty products within the Canadian market.

The Kissan brand has evolved itself in the competitive Indian market for over 30 years. With distributors all over Canada and a Kisna Foods line in the United States, our business is continuously growing, as customers recognize Kissan as their brand of choice when it comes to exceptional quality products. The Kissan family would like to thank our distributors, retailers, and loyal customers for their ongoing support.

Kissan’s Story

Mr_Sham_GulatiBorn and raised in India, Mr. Sham Gulati took great interest in his family business in the busy Chandni Chowk market place in Delhi. As a child, Mr. Gulati would accompany his father to the busy market where they would sell spices and dried fruits. When Mr. Gulati was 25 years old, he decided to leave India and travel to England to start his own business. He established a successful grocery store, selling local and imported Indian groceries to a growing Indian population.

Upon getting married, Mr. and Mrs. Gulati moved to Toronto where they believed they would have better opportunities. In 1974, Mr. and Mrs. Gulati opened their first Canadian business, Spickle International, selling a combination of spices and pickles. Mr. Gulati went on to open small Indian grocery stores, but he was always looking for something else that would make him stand out in the Indian marketplace. In 1975, Mr. Gulati decided to start making his own spice blends according to Canadian standards, and focused on high quality blended spice mixes. This is when Kissan Tandoori Masala was first introduced, and has become one of the most sought after Tandoori spice blends in the market today.

Mr. Gulati and his wife also used their spice blends in their restaurant – Fish n’ Roti. This is when Kissan Fish Masala became a success, with many locals and Indian celebrity artists falling in love with Mrs. Gulati’s famous fried fish. She became known as the “Fish Lady”. As the demand for Kissan mixed spice blends grew, Mr. and Mrs. Gulati decided it was time to focus on manufacturing their own brand of products as well as adding more authentic Indian products to the Kissan line. Quality has always been the key factor in the development of all Kissan products, and remains our first priority for over 30 years.